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    Vibration screen installation and debugging, operation points and techniques for improving screening efficiency

    Vibration screen installation and debugging, operation points and techniques for improving screening efficiency

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    This article shares the precautions for the installation and commissioning of vibrating screens and the operating skills to improve screening efficiency. Vibrating screen is a kind of filtering mechanical separation equipment used for solid phase treatment of mud. It is widely used in mining, building materials, transportation, energy, chemical industry and other industries. It is used as a screening for material classification, washing, dehydration, and disintermediation.

    Vibrating screen
    01. Precautions for installation and debugging of vibrating screen
    1.1 Preparation before installation
    Before installing the vibrating screen, we must carefully check the factory materials of the vibrating screen to see if it meets the national standards. For unqualified products, we must refuse to use it. After purchasing the vibrating screen, pay attention to the requirements of the vibrating screen for the storage environment of the warehouse. Since most of the vibrating screens belong to metal equipment, anti-rust work should be done to prevent problems caused by rusting of vibrating screen parts.
    Before the installation of the vibrating screen, the inspection work should be done. The rusty parts in the inventory should be replaced. The aging seals and the damage during the transportation should be replaced in time. Read the installation manual, and carry out the operation certificate according to the manual. The installation conforms to the process. The installation work goes smoothly. This is the work that needs careful preparation before safety.
    1.2 Installation steps of vibrating screen
    (1) Install support or hanging device.
    The installation of the vibrating screen should shovel the ground flat to prevent problems caused by uneven ground during use. The operation should be carried out according to the drawings of support or hoisting, and the installation of each component should be carried out in strict accordance with the sequential operation method. Match the actual stiffness of the end mark.
    (2) Connect the screen box to the support or hanging device.
    After installation, the inclination angle should be adjusted. For hanging screens, the inclination of the screen box and the level of the main shaft of the screen box should be adjusted at the same time. — Generally, adjust the horizontal level first to eliminate the deflection of the screen box. Adjust the longitudinal inclination of the screen box after horizontal correction. Vibration isolation springs should be evenly stressed by measuring the compression of the spring. -Generally, the compression of the two sets of springs at the feed end must be the same as the two sets of springs at the discharge end. The amount of spring compression at the discharge end and the feed end can be different.
    Vibrating screen
    (3) Install the motor and triangle tape.
    The foundation of the motor should be leveled during installation, the level of the motor needs to be corrected, the center lines of the corresponding grooves of the two tape wheels should coincide, and the tensile force requirements of the triangular tape are appropriate.
    (4) Install and fix the screen surface as required.
    (5) Check whether the sieve's feed, discharge chute and under-screen funnel are colliding when working.
    1.3 Test operation of vibrating screen
    (1) The test running time of the empty sieve shall not be less than 8h. During this time, observe whether the sieve starts smoothly and quickly, whether the vibration and operation are stable, and there is no special noise. Observe whether the amplitude meets the requirements through the amplitude plate.
    (2) When the sieve is running, the vibration of the sieve box should not produce yaw. If there is a yaw, the reason may be that the height difference between the springs on both sides is too large, the tension of the hanging wire rope is uneven, the rotation axis is not horizontal, or the triangle tape is too tight, and the corresponding adjustment should be made.
    (3) Within 4 hours of driving, the bearing temperature gradually increases and then remains stable. The maximum temperature does not exceed 75°C, and the temperature rise cannot exceed 40°C.
    (4) If there is abnormal noise or the bearing temperature rises sharply after driving, it should be stopped immediately, check whether the shaft rotates flexibly and whether the lubrication is good, etc., and restart after troubleshooting.
    (5) Shut down after 2~4 hours of driving to check whether the connected parts are loose. If there is any looseness, drive after tightening.
    (6) The installation project can be accepted only if there is no failure after 8h test run.
    02. Operation points of vibrating screen
    (1) The operator should read the duty record before work and conduct a general inspection of the equipment. Check the tension of the triangle belt, the oil level in the vibrator, check the tension of the screen surface, the tightening of the bolts and the damage of the screen surface.
    (2) The startup of the vibrating screen should follow the order of the process system.
    (3) When the vibrating screen is working, the working conditions of the shaker and the screen box should be checked visually and auditoryly. After parking the vibrating screen, touch the bearing cover with your hand to check the bearing temperature rise.
    (4) The parking of the vibrating screen should conform to the order of the process system. Except for special requirements, the vibrating screen is strictly prohibited to continue feeding to the screen after stopping with material.
    (5) At the time of handover of the vibrating screen, the former one must do a good check before the festival. A timely record of the problems should be recorded. The record should indicate in detail the damaged parts of the damaged part, and also do a good job. Anti-rust work.
    (6) The staff should keep a certain distance when checking the vibrating screen, because the coal on the screen surface of the vibrating screen will cause damage to the inspectors due to vibration during the work. In order to prevent accidents, the inspectors should pay attention to maintaining distance.
    03. 8 operating skills to improve screening efficiency
    The screening efficiency directly affects the production efficiency. The following introduces 8 operation techniques to improve the screening efficiency of the vibrating screen.
    (1) Improve the opening rate of the sieve plate of the vibrating screen. The high opening rate is conducive to improving the screening effect; usually the stainless steel welded sieve plate has a high opening rate and can be applied to mobile crushers.
    (2) Adjust the feeding method. In some cases, the feeding of the vibrating screen is not fed along the full screen width, which will inevitably cause the screen surface not to be fully utilized.
    (3) To reduce the batter hole rate of the vibrating screen, consider using a screen plate with self-cleaning, such as a spring bar type screen surface superfine grinder.
    (4) If there are conditions, consider adjusting the inclination of the vibrating screen. The appropriate inclination is helpful to reduce the thickness of the material, such as a thin material layer screening hammer sand blower.
    (5) If conditions permit, wet screening is the most effective means to improve the screening effect, such as high-pressure grinding.
    (6) For the circular vibrating screen, the method of adjusting the counterweight can be considered to improve the screening effect.
    (7) For dry screening, it is necessary to strictly control the incoming moisture. When the moisture is too high, consider the compound screening of the ingredients.
    (8) If conditions permit, a fixed sieve is added to the feed end of the vibrating sieve, and a coarse sieve mobile crushing station is used.
    By rationally and scientifically installing, debugging and operating the vibrating screen, the grading efficiency of the vibrating screen can be effectively improved, the service life of the vibrating screen can be extended, and the labor intensity of employees can be reduced.

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