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    Daily industry news feed (2020.06.16)

    Daily industry news feed (2020.06.16)

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    Phoenix Mining Equipment (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., as a Sino-US joint venture manufacturing high-end crushing and screening equipment in China, always pays attention to the domestic relevant industry market trends and news, and shares and pushes recent hot news to everyone from time to time.
    Industry News

    1. Coal
       1. Coal News
    (1) China University of Mining and Technology undertakes the launch of the National Energy Group project: Professor Zhao Yuemin said in his speech that the project team will carry out project research with a strong sense of urgency and responsibility, and has established a strong research team. Key technology and other scientific and technological breakthroughs to solve the problem of dry coal separation and quality improvement in dry and cold regions represented by Heishan Mine, provide efficient dry separation methods for the efficient and clean utilization of coal resources in western China, and lead the world in dry coal preparation Technology development. (China University of Mining)
    (2) National Energy Group: 5G infrastructure helps the construction of "smart ports": It is reported that as early as December 2019, Zhuhai Terminal Company signed a 5G cooperation agreement with China Unicom Zhuhai Branch. In June this year, it also cooperated with China Mobile Zhuhai The branch company negotiated a 5G cooperation agreement, and launched an all-round three-dimensional exploration around information applications such as automatic driving, remote control, VR training, and intelligent terminals in port production, which provided the basis for the rapid implementation of 5G smart port innovative applications. Facilities support. (China Coal Network)
    (3) How to build the first underground 5G commercial network in the country: For a communications operating company like Shanxi Unicom, how to accelerate the transformation of 5G and other new infrastructure to help traditional industries such as coal upgrade and upgrade is a new issue that cannot be bypassed . (Shanxi Daily)
    (4) Jiangsu's first intelligent fully mechanized coal mining face was completed: this move marked the 74104 fully mechanized coal mining face of the mine successfully realized "one-key start" intelligent mining, became the first intelligent fully mechanized mining face in Jiangsu Province, opened Jiangsu New era of intelligent coal mine construction. (Xu Mine Media)
       2. Coal market
    (1) From January to May, the national raw coal output was 1.47 billion tons, a year-on-year increase of 0.9%: In May, the production of raw coal from industrial enterprises above designated size shifted from an increase to a decline, crude oil and electricity production accelerated, and natural gas production maintained rapid growth. (National Bureau of Statistics)
    (2) Henan should pay close attention to the safety of coal mines: Henan Province requires coal mine enterprises to make preparations for responding to severe weather, with flood control materials and preventive measures in place, strengthen the "three preventions" during the rainy season and prevent water hazards, and implement outstanding gas , Rockburst and other precautionary measures to ensure a safe flood season. (China Coal News)
    (3) Shanxi Coal Supervision Bureau promotes coal mines to implement safety standards: In April this year, Shanxi Coal Supervision Bureau sorted out and summarized the relevant standards for coal mine safety production and issued the "List of Standards for Coal Mine Safety Production". (China Coal News)
    (4) In May, the producer price of industrial producers fell by 3.7% year-on-year: In May, the ex-factory price of extractive industries fell by 14.8% year-on-year and 1.7% month-on-month; the ex-factory price of coal mining and washing industry decreased by 8.8% year-on-year and 2.9% month-on-month. (China Coal News)
    2. Non-coal
    1. The first batch of electric copper in the second phase electrolytic project of Tongling Nonferrous Jinguan Copper Industry Austrian Furnace Project was successfully rolled out: On the morning of June 9th, the first batch of electric copper produced in the second phase electrolytic project of Tongling Nonferrous Jinguan Copper Industry Company's Austrian Furnace Project was successfully launched line. (China Nonferrous Metal News)
    2. The new technology of Xinjiang Zhonghe aluminum steel direct welding promotes the development of green and energy-saving enterprises: a corner of the workshop of Xinjiang Zhonghe Metallurgical Construction Engineering Branch, an industrial robot is finely welding aluminum guide rods and steel claws, this is Xinjiang Zhonghe's new breakthrough in metallurgical technology-aluminum steel direct welding technology. (China Nonferrous Network)
    3. Chinalco lightweight research alloy ultra-light magnesium-lithium alloy assists the launch of "One Arrow, Two Stars": At 4:13 on May 30, China successfully tested the new technology satellites G and H with the Chang 11 rocket at the Xichang Satellite Launch Center The star was sent into a predetermined orbit, and the "One Arrow, Two Stars" launch was a complete success. (China Nonferrous Metal News)
    3. Electricity
    1. Guizhou Power Grid's intra-provincial power supply has achieved positive growth: According to the Guizhou Power Grid website news, as of June 10, the cumulative value of Guizhou Power Grid's intra-provincial unified power supply has achieved positive growth, up 0.02% year-on-year. (China Coal Resources Network)
    2. From January to May, Anhui reduced the cost of electricity for enterprises by about 4.012 billion yuan: According to Anhui.com, this year, the Anhui Provincial Development and Reform Commission has actively implemented the national electricity price policy and supported enterprises to resume production and production. The cost of electricity for enterprises is about 4.012 billion yuan. (China Coal Resources Network)
    3. Shuozhou Power Supply Company spares no effort to guarantee the delivery of Jindian Power: Shuozhou Daily reported that at 07:07 on June 8, with the successful unlocking, the 2020 comprehensive maintenance of ±800 kV Yanmenguan converter station was successfully completed. (China Coal Resources Network)
    4. New Energy
    1. International Renewable Energy Agency: The cost of global photovoltaic power generation has fallen by 80% in 10 years: Recently, the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) released the "Renewable Energy Generation Cost Report 2019" (hereinafter referred to as the "Report"), saying that in the past In 10 years, among all kinds of renewable energy, the average cost of photovoltaic power generation dropped the most, exceeding 80%. (China Energy News)
    2. The installed capacity of new energy in Northwest China Power Grid exceeded 100 million kilowatts: Recently, with the completion of Gansu Xianghui Longxi Poverty Alleviation Photovoltaic Power Plant, Shaanxi Duyi Photovoltaic Power Plant and Zhangpo Photovoltaic Power Plant in succession, the installed capacity of new energy in Northwest Power Grid exceeded 100 million kilowatts . (China Electric Power News Network)
    3. Qinghai: To build two more 10 million kilowatt-class renewable energy bases: The Qinghai Provincial Government has recently issued "Several Measures for Implementing the "Guiding Opinions of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council on Promoting the New Development of the Western Development in the New Era" (below Called ""Measures""). (China Coal Resources Network)
    4. Two 750 kV power supply channels of the world's first clean energy transmission UHV channel were opened: At 18:24 on June 12, the Qingyu UHV project ±800 kV Qingnan converter station 750 kV Qingning I line, The 24-hour trial operation of the Qingta I line is completed, and the equipment is operating normally, marking the official opening of the two 750 kV power channels of the Qingnan converter station. The commissioning and commissioning of the AC system has won the first battle and is the world’s first clean energy transmission UHV channel. The smooth progress of the project laid a solid foundation. (China News Network)
    5. Petrochemical
    1. North China Petrochemical Co., Ltd. condenses the wisdom of all staff and taps the potential: China National Petroleum News (correspondent Xie Zhijun) on June 8, North China Petrochemical Corporation selected the first batch of 6 excellent projects for the rationalization of "improving quality and efficiency, and making contributions to all employees". Recognition is recommended. (China Petroleum News Center)
    2. Daqing Refining & Chemical Company's technological innovation, production and efficiency improvement: China National Petroleum News (reporter Pan Ying) In order to strengthen the quality consciousness of all employees and the ability of employees to analyze and solve problems, Daqing Refining and Chemical Company carried out in-depth QC group activities. On June 11, a total of 41 subjects were reported. (China Petroleum News Center)
    3. Energy saving and water saving of Ningxia Petrochemical are implemented: China Petroleum Network News (Correspondent Lu Yan Zhang Lu) "After optimization and adjustment, the unit 401 sewage reuse position will control the rate of reuse of water to more than 51%. (China Petroleum News Center)
    4. Guangxi Petrochemical successfully completed the calibration of the production capacity of atmospheric and vacuum equipment: China National Petroleum News (correspondent Song Yanwei Zhi Yaru) On June 8, Guangxi Petrochemical successfully completed the calibration of 12 million tons/year processing capacity of atmospheric and vacuum equipment, through the inspection device The comparison of production operations, product quality and analysis indicators under high load with design values ??finds bottleneck problems under high load of the device, and provides reference data for the safe and stable optimization of the new production cycle of the device. (China Petroleum News Center)
    6. Cement building materials
    1. Baotai Rongfu of Huatai Securities: The growth rate of infrastructure investment is expected to reach 8%-10% for the whole year: Bao Rongfu, deputy director of Huatai Securities Research Institute, brought the theme report of "Infrastructure Underpinning, Old Reform Speeds Up". (China Cement Network)
    2. Zheng Jianhui: It is expected that the profit of the cement industry will reach 150 billion+ this year: Although affected by the epidemic, the benefits will remain high (cautiously optimistic), which is expected to reach 150 billion+. (China Cement Network)
    3. Zhang Liqun: China's economic growth will enter a new cyclical upward phase: It is expected that the GDP growth rate in the third/fourth quarter of this year will increase to more than 8%, and the annual economic growth rate will reach more than 4%. (China Cement Network)
    4. 15 provinces and cities fell and 3 provinces rose! It is enough to understand the price of cement: Recently, due to heavy rainfall in many parts of the country, demand has dropped significantly, the market has entered a low season, and cement companies around the world have successively lowered the price of cement. (China Cement Network)
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