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    Multi-cylinder cone crusher

    Multi-cylinder cone crusher

    Multi-cylinder cone crusher introduction:
    The multi-cylinder cone crusher produced by Phoenix Mining Equipment (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is mainly used for secondary crushing or tertiary crushing in sand and stone processing. The multi-cylinder cone crusher has certain advantages in crushing materials with high hardness and fine crushing. While its hydraulic lubrication system ensures the reliable operation of the equipment, it makes the operation control more intelligent and humanized. On the basis of the traditional multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher main shaft fixed, eccentric sleeve rotating structure and lamination crushing principle, the structure of the equipment has been optimized through breakthroughs to improve the performance and crushing capacity of the equipment. It is widely used in the crushing of medium and hard materials such as river pebbles, granite and basalt.
    The principle of multi-cylinder cone crusher:
    The multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher drives the pulley or coupling, the transmission shaft and the cone part to make the eccentric shaft swing periodically under the axis line when the motor rotates. After the material enters the crushing cavity from the material port, it is crushed due to the mutual impact of the eccentric shaft and the rolling mortar wall, which is crushed and rubbed. The hydraulic insurance system can remove the support sleeve and the fixed cone part by hydraulic pressure when the machine has an iron fault or a boring car phenomenon. It plays a good insurance role and greatly reduces the maintenance rate and improves production efficiency.
    Features of multi-cylinder cone crusher:
    1. FKG series multi-cylinder cone crusher has the obvious advantage of high crushing ratio when the material hardness is large and the particle size of the finished product is small;
    2. The combined design of the crushing stroke, crushing speed and crushing cavity shape of the equipment makes the multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher have a larger processing capacity than the traditional cone crusher, and the output is increased by 35%-60%.
    3. The equipment has good shape for lamination and crushing, and the material is crushed by the principle of lamination and crushing. By optimizing the equipment and cavity shape, the lamination crushing efficiency is improved, the crushing efficiency is high, the wear of wearing parts is low, and the finished particles The shape is cube with high content of fine particles. Improve the quality of finished products and reduce the production cost of equipment and the entire system.
    4. Full hydraulic control is accurate and reliable. The equipment uses hydraulic operation from cavity cleaning, overload protection to adjustment and locking. FKG series multi-cylinder cone crusher is stable and reliable, and easy to operate. The hydraulic system structure is fully optimized and upgraded, the adjustment and control are more accurate, and the automatic protection response is more sensitive.
    5. Structural upgrade More efficient. Based on the structure of fixed main shaft and eccentric sleeve rotating around the main shaft, the equipment has further optimized the design of transmission components and lubrication sealing structure. FKG multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher equipment has strong bearing capacity, and the installed power is large in the industry of the same type, with small size, high efficiency and low noise.
    Multi-cylinder cone crusher parameters:
    MaxFeeding Size
    Discharge Range
    Motor Power
    Capacity(Tons/h)——Open Circuit,Closed Discharge(mm)
    9 13 16 19 22 26 31 38 51
    FKG-150C 165 22-31 90 30-41 50-66 75-86 90-102 100-123 110-132 130-158    
    FKG-150M 135 13-26
    FKG-150F 55 9-19
    FKG-200C 180 22-31 160 55-62 70-93 100-140 130-170 165-195 175-220 195-230    
    FKG-200M 140 13-31
    FKG-200F 60 9-22
    FKG-280C 250 26-51 200 58-72 75-98 130-150 170-210 190-220 230-260 270-298 299-322 325-350
    FKG-280M 160 16-38
    FKG-280F 80 9-22
    FKG-400C 300 31-63 315 120-145 140-180 200-240 230-300 270-340 295-368 310-410 350-450 460-550
    FKG-400M 170 22-51
    FKG-400F 80 13-26
    FKG-600C 350 31-51 450-550   300-420 350-530 390-510 430-590 460-620 490-680 570-760 650-860
    FKG-600M 230 22-51
    FKG-600F 80 13-26
    Note: Parameters are subject to update without notice, please contact us.
    Picture of multi-cylinder cone crusher:

    Multi-cylinder cone crusher

    Multi-cylinder cone crusher product sample download:
    Multi-cylinder cone crusher product samples

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