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    Corporate Culture_Phoenix Mine Equipment (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

    Company culture

    One. To inspire employees' sense of mission, all employees must have a sense of responsibility and mission, which is the source of motivation for the company's continuous development and progress.

    Sense of responsibility and mission
    two. To consolidate the sense of belonging of employees, through the refinement and dissemination of corporate values, let a group of people from different places pursue the same dream together.
    Sense of belonging
    three. Strengthen employees' sense of responsibility, and promote the importance of employees' sense of responsibility through a large number of materials and documents. Managers should inculcate responsibility awareness, crisis awareness and team awareness to all employees, so that everyone can clearly understand that the company is a company shared by all employees.
    Sense of responsibility
    four. To give employees a sense of honor, everyone must make more contributions, achieve more achievements, and pursue a sense of honor in their own jobs and work fields.
    Sense of honor
    Fives. To realize the sense of accomplishment of employees, the prosperity of an enterprise is related to the survival of every company employee. When the enterprise prosperes, employees will be proud of them and will work harder and more aggressively. The higher the glory, the greater the sense of accomplishment, The more obvious.

    Service Hotline:+86-21-33781259


    company address:No. 705, Qingda Road (Qingyuan Business Building), Pudong, Shanghai

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